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LeanTeams Attend FULL Programme Networking Event

We were recently invited to participate in a breakfast networking event in Sandyford Business District to highlight an innovative economic development project that offers hands-on instruction in 3 crucial areas:

  • Mentoring in Financial Mentoring
  • Positive Culture Leadership
  • Lean for Leaders

Hosted by Suzanne Dolan, Managing Director of Covalen, our FULL Programme Partners are Sonya Lennon and Cathy Corbett from LIFT Ireland, as well as Niall O’Kelly and Tony Dignam from The Agile Executive

We are all supported in this project by Owen Laverty and Siobhan Broughan from Local Enterprise Office DLR, and Ger Corbett and Suzanne O’Shaughnessy from Sandyford Business District.

Mentoring in Financial Management

This programme is extremely practical and tailored toward busy business owners who may not have a professional financial background.

The Agile Executive provides six-month one-on-one mentorship to businesses to help them improve their strategic financial capabilities (a talent that the OECD has recognised as typically lacking in Irish SMEs), allowing them to make educated financial and operational decisions for future growth.

FULL Programme Networking

Positive Culture Leadership

The second portion of the FULL Programme focuses on empowerment, which comes from having a strong culture. Lift Ireland transforms culture in local firms using a time-efficient and well-proven system.

LIFT Ireland is a social enterprise initiative aimed at increasing the level of positive leadership in Ireland. 

Lean for Leaders

Our Lean For Leaders program, which is aimed at senior management in firms with more than 30 workers, is the program’s third component. This program teaches critical thinking to leaders in organisations that have the power to change their future.

Senior Managers will participate in a series of weekly interactive seminars as well as receive one-on-one coaching from our Lean Practitioner. Our mentor will lead the organisation through its lean transformation with the goal of achieving specific goals.  Our next Lean for Leaders programme starts on 12th  September 2022 and we are currently accepting registrations here

LEO DLR has extensively subsidised financial management mentoring and Lean for Leaders, and more information can be found here.

Training your team on financial management, culture leadership, and lean management can give your company a competitive edge. 

Join our FULL Programme today to equip your employees with the skills they need to propel your company forward.  All details can be found here


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