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We’d like to introduce some of our case studies to you.  These show exactly how our clients introduced Lean tools and techniques to their business.  While working with our clients, their employees identified improvements that they could make within their own work area. 

Firstly, these case studies demonstrate the key challenges that our clients faced.  Next, we outline the key actions and how they decided which issues to address using the 8 Step Problem-Solving Process..  Then, we look at the key outcomes of each Lean project.  In fact, we were very impressed with the creativity, talent and innovation of our clients.  Finally, their employees share their key learnings – what they learnt individually and as a team while they were doing their Lean projects.

Alexion Pharmaceuticals Lean Business Case Study

Alexion Pharmaceuticals

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Barclay Chemicals

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Colorman Lean Business Case Study

Colorman Ireland

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Irish Examiner Lean Business Case Study

Irish Examiner

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Rye River Lean Business Case Study

Rye River Brewing Company

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Tracey Solicitors Lean Business Case Study

Tracey Solicitors

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Tosara Pharma

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As you can see, our clients are both service and manufacturing companies proving the point that Lean can be used effectively in all industries.  For instance, some employees identified issues in Packaging Materials, Quality Control, Regulatory Training, Preventive Maintenance, Continuous Improvement, Waste Elimination, Lean Time Management, Will Generator, Purchase Order System and Operational Excellence.   

In some case studies, the project may seem small.  But, these have really made a huge difference to the overall business.  In contrast, other case studies were large in scope.  That being said, our clients reported that their employees now work better together as a team.  Most importantly, they have a shared goal of improving their work area and as a result, the whole business. 

At Lean Teams, we firmly believe that the expertise to develop business process improvements already exist in your organisation.  This has clearly been the case with our clients.  Through their employees’ Lean projects, our clients have streamlined their business and improved their processes.  We would like to thank our valued clients for allowing us to publish their employees’ case studies on our website.

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