Our Approach to Lean Business Training

Lean Essentials is our foundation programme.  It is suitable for people at all levels of your organisation, from the shop floor to senior management.

Lean Practitioner is our next level programme.  If your employees are new to Lean, then we advise that your employees complete the Lean Essentials programme first. 

Lean for Leaders support business leaders in creating an environment for process improvement.

We understand that many business owners work long hours and are often caught in a cycle of business firefighting.  Our clients have told us that they struggle to engage their staff and rely on only a few people to deliver results in their organisation.

In the right environment, simple process improvement techniques can be used by anyone to improve what really matters to a successful business.  This, in turn, gives your staff ownership and the confidence to succeed.

We know that Lean works.  Leanteams have many clients who have not only seen how Lean has transformed their business and profits, but has also transformed their people and how they work – for the better.

Empowering your People to Think and Work Smarter