Our Mission

Our mission is to support businesses to work smarter, not harder.  We do this by helping you unlock the potential of the people behind the processes in your organisation.  As a result of our training, expert mentoring and our own experiential simulation game, our clients are more competitive, have greater profitability and have lower employee attrition rates.

About Our Company

When we first started the business in 2006, our goal was to share the simple yet highly effective approach of Lean Thinking.  We wanted to make lean “real” and deliver “hands on” training to give people the skills and practical tools to improve their processes. 

Today, this is still our goal.  We want to work with organisations that:

  • See practical process improvement as part of what they do,
  • Value people development,
  • And value individual support to drive process excellence.

Our goal is to engage and develop the capability of your staff to improve your operational performance.  This will help your organisation grow and succeed.


Lean Business Consultants

Meet Our Lean Business Consultants

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Our Values

Our values are very important to us and we live and breathe them every day.

LeanTeams Company Value Teamwork

This value is underpinned by the Shingo Principles of “Respect for the Individual” and “Humility”.  When we work with a client, we respect the person doing the job as the owner of that function.  He or she is the current expert in that role.  Over time, every expert will contribute to the current standard process and this is the safest, simplest and most effective way to perform each task.

LeanTeams Company Value Respect

We believe that the best consultants already work in the organisations we partner with.  Our role is to simply create environments where every voice and opinion is valued.  We engage with the people who experience the problems in their everyday job and empower them to find the solutions.

LeanTeams Company Value Can Do Attitude

At LeanTeams, we see problems as opportunities to learn and grow.  We are committed to bringing our positive can-do attitude to your organisation and the people we work with.  Our goal is to work with like-minded business leaders who value and share this approach to help them to implement a structured and inclusive approach to problem-solving.

LeanTeams Company Value Excellence

Our team believe that Lean is a journey, with no end point.  Instead, it is a progressive process of continuous improvement.   Our aim is to empower your people to build safer, better quality, simpler and more efficient processes.

LeanTeams Company Value Value

Our business thrives when we provide value and a return on investment for our clients through our training and mentoring programmes.  We know that we add value to our clients.  Their value-driven purpose has ensured that they are able to adapt to ever-changing environments.

Empowering your People to Think and Work Smarter